Refurbished Fitness Equipment Report: The Octane Pro 3700 Elliptical Trainer

Published: 16th June 2011
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While fitness equipment sells at a speedy pace, there is a notable separation in the sales. The highly advanced equipment is ridiculously pricey--selling for thousands, and the lower-end fitness equipment is exceedingly cheaply priced for the reason that it is low in quality. So, whatís the answer? Well, one option that many donít think of is buying a piece of high quality refurbished fitness equipment which will still perform well for several years. If you opt to do this, you should be able to find quality machines that sell for a fraction of what they did when they were new. Case in point: the Octane Pro 3700 elliptical trainer.

Refurbished Fitness Equipment: Key Features of the Octane Pro 3700 Elliptical Trainer

Buying quality refurbished fitness equipment shows a deep dedication to your fitness regimen, but not many of us can afford the almost £6500 required to purchase this equipment brand new. Still, it has so many premium features and functions that make it worth buying a refurbished model. The Pro 3700 machine is designed with exclusively manufactured multi-grip handlebars that impose the bodyís natural range of motion; this makes the most of your fitness regimen, engages the upper portion of the body more productively, and works effectively with users various shapes and sizes. The machineís LCD viewing screen shows major workout parameters keeping you stimulated and involved. Dual stride lengths of 52cm and 60cm, along with optimally spaced soft grip pedals, ensure a comfortable position, which in turn encourages you to exercise longer.

Refurbished Fitness Equipment: More About the Octane Pro 3700 Elliptical Trainer

Numerous people will love this Pro 3700ís low step up distance which renders it simple to get on and off. If you do not wish to engage the handlebars, they can be locked to remain stationary. Controls for the trainer are on the handlebars, along with places to stow your water bottle and MP3 player. This machine has a reading rack, a fan, and also a place to put an LCD television. The Pro 3700 has got transport wheels, plus covered track end rollers. To effectively monitor heart rate, simply grip the handlebar-mounted pulse sensors. The machine also is wireless heart rate monitor enabled.

Refurbished Fitness Equipment: Some Specifics of the Octane Pro 3700

It is a self-powered elliptical that has 16 programmes and 30 levels of resistance, ensuring a great deal of multiplicity. Youíre not likely to outgrow the Pro 3700! The ellipticalís preset resistance programmes consist of interval, 10K, fat burn, manual, custom interval, hill, and random. The machineís heart rate controlled programmes are interval, hill, speed interval, and custom interval. Advanced programmes include constant watts, constant METs, and 30:30 interval. The modernised "workout boosters" have got stimulating names like "ArmBlaster" and GluteKicker." The Pro 3700 makes use of the NewLeaf metabolic assessment, which allows your workout to be customised and fine tuned for your specific fitness goals. The machine will endure a maximum user capacity of 181kg, has measurements of 780mm x 1803mm, and weighs in at 145kg. Its service guarantee is as follows: parts and labouró3 years.

For the best in refurbished fitness equipment, look for an Octane Pro 3700 elliptical trainer.

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